About NaviTrip:

Elevating Travel Through Expertise and Innovation

Welcome to NaviTrip, where travel and technology converge to redefine the possibilities of the industry. NaviTrip empowers travel professionals with cutting-edge tools, elevating the travel experience for clients, and transforming the way the world journeys.

NaviTrip's Mission

NaviTrip is not just a travel tech platform. It’s a commitment to innovation, excellence, and the seamless fusion of travel and technology. Our mission is to revolutionize the travel industry by providing travel agents with the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.
The NaviTrip

Leadership Team

NaviTrip is led by an accomplished and driven leadership team with extensive experience in the travel, cruise, and hospitality industry. This team is the driving force of travel technology innovation and benefits for travel partners, sharing a unified commitment to delivering new tools to the travel agent community.
Bart Fesperman

Chief Executive Officer

Bart Fesperman, our visionary CEO, is a stalwart in the travel loyalty and rewards program space. With an illustrious career, Bart has been at the forefront of driving loyalty in the travel industry. His strategic vision propels NaviTrip forward, ensuring that travel agents and agency owners have the most advanced tools.

NaviTrip represents a commitment to empowering travel advisors with cutting-edge tools. Our significant expansion reinforces our dedication to providing travel professionals with innovative features to enhance customer loyalty and drive purchase behavior.

John Meyer

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, John Meyer brings a wealth of operational expertise to NaviTrip. With a background in travel industry operations, John's focus is on increasing conversion, customer satisfaction, and overall travel agent ROI. His commitment to digital growth for travel agents shapes NaviTrip's platform enhancements.

NaviTrip fuels digital growth for travel agents. We created this platform with the primary objectives of increasing conversion, customer satisfaction, agent retention, and overall travel agent ROI.

Michelle Fee

Industry Veteran

Michelle Fee, a travel industry veteran and founder and CEO of Cruise Planners, contributes decades of experience to NaviTrip's success. Her strategic insights and industry knowledge play a pivotal role in shaping our mission to empower travel agents through innovative technology solutions.

We’re inviting travel agents and consortiums to lower their reliance on disparate and internally developed legacy systems and to transform their business with NaviTrip.

John and Marcia Rowley

John and Marcia Rowley are founders and former owners of International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE) and now Co-Founders and Executive Chairmen of ONE (Open Network Exchange). The Rowleys have created and supported large-scale loyalty and benefit programs for some of the world’s most respected brands.
John Rowley

Technology and Travel Expert

John Rowley’s expertise lies at the intersection of technology and travel. With a proven history of technological innovation in the travel industry, John ensures NaviTrip remains at the forefront of advancements for the travel community. As a passionate entrepreneur and technology pathfinder, John is integral to the delivery of new and innovative solutions.

NaviTrip continues to build upon its initial success through its ongoing commitment to product innovation and its execution of differentiated sales and marketing strategies for the travel agent community.

Marcia Rowley

Industry Veteran

Marcia Rowley brings a deep understanding of the travel sector to NaviTrip. Her insights and commitment to excellence guide NaviTrip's endeavors to empower travel agents with next-generation technology tools.

We are excited to partner with the NaviTrip leadership team to empower travel agents to reach their full potential through NaviTrip’s technology platform and tools.

Our Leadership Team

Combined Decades of Experience

At NaviTrip, our strength lies in the combined decades of experience that our leadership team brings to the table. With diverse backgrounds in cruise, travel, and technology-driven innovation, we unite our expertise to create a platform that resonates with the evolving needs of the travel industry.

In every innovation, every tool, and every feature, you'll find the collective wisdom of our team, driven by a shared passion for transforming the travel experience.

Join us on this journey, where the synergy of experience and innovation propels us forward, shaping the future of travel with NaviTrip.