NaviTrip’s Milestone Achievements and Future Innovations

NaviTrip’s Milestone Achievements and Future Innovations

Scottsdale, Arizona – NaviTrip announces a powerful new expansion of its ownership group and the launch of ground-breaking new enhancements to its existing technology platform, crafted to empower travel agents.   NaviTrip has brought together five travel and technology veterans to drive its fast-growing travel tech business.  The expanded ownership team includes travel industry veterans Michelle Fee, John Rowley, Marcia Rowley, Bart Fesperman and John Meyer.  Together a powerhouse of experience in cruise, travel and technology-driven innovation. 

The ownership team, each with decades of experience in the travel and technology markets, bring varying experiences and assets to the NaviTrip business.  More importantly, this team shares a unified commitment to delivering innovative new technology-based tools to the travel agent community.

NaviTrip now offers a substantial expansion of product offerings and sales and marketing capabilities for its partner portfolio of travel providers.  The platform, which initially launched in 2022, has experienced extraordinary success and has been deployed to thousands of travel professionals.  The NaviTrip platform is primarily used today by travel advisors for hotel bookings.  However, it is now offering significant new enhancements to its platform offerings including the ability to foster customer loyalty and stimulate heightened purchase commitments and interactions with clients, driving enhanced profitability and cash flow.  These new tools are poised to transform the landscape for travel agents, offering new ways to enhance sales, revenues and bottom-line profits.  

Designed to streamline travel agent workflows, NaviTrip leverages a sophisticated global inventory sourcing strategy, offering high-margin products and non-traditional high efficiency, yielding models. This results in booking tools that provide a unique combination of product selection, consumer value, and agent commissions, previously unavailable within the travel industry.

The commitment of the expanded ownership team to deliver unique and powerful agent tools to the travel industry creates exponential opportunities for the agents and agencies to develop new B2B and B2C business opportunities resulting in increased booking volume, agency revenues, and profits. NaviTrip enables agents to provide customers with unique sales and marketing tools, technology-based incentives, loyalty rewards and more, customized to drive their business objectives and bring to life unforgettable vacations and experiences for their clients.

NaviTrip is led by an accomplished and driven leadership team with extensive experience in the travel, cruise, and hospitality industry, including Bart Fesperman, a distinguished travel loyalty and rewards program executive as NaviTrip’s CEO and John Meyer, a travel industry operations leader bringing his expertise as NaviTrip’s Chief Operating Officer. These executives, along with Michelle Fee, John Rowley and Marcia Rowley provide the driving force of travel technology innovation and benefits for travel partners.

CEO Bart Fesperman states, “NaviTrip represents a commitment to empowering travel advisors with cutting-edge tools. Our significant expansion reinforces our dedication to providing travel professionals with innovative features to enhance customer loyalty and drive purchase behavior.”

“We’re inviting travel agents and consortiums to lower their reliance on disparate and internally developed legacy systems and to transform their business with NaviTrip,” says Michelle Fee. “NaviTrip provides a full-service agent platform aggregating the sales and booking of hotels, resorts, villas, cruises, travel merchandise, and leisure experiences, wrapped in a loyalty program, rich with rewards and exclusive benefits.”

COO John Meyer emphasizes, “NaviTrip fuels digital growth for travel agents. We created this platform with the primary objectives of increasing conversion, customer satisfaction, agent retention and overall travel agent ROI.” John continued, “We’re thrilled to be licensing the NaviTrip platform to industry leaders such as Cruise Planners.”

“NaviTrip continues to build upon its initial success through its ongoing commitment to product innovation and its execution of diffrentiated sales and marketing strategies for the travel agent community,” says Marcia Rowley. John Rowley adds, “ We are excited to partner with this leadership team to empower travel agents to reach their full potential through these next generation technology tools.”

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