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Meet Our Leadership Team

Empowering Travel Professionals with Next-Gen Technology.

Chief Executive Officer
Bart Fesperman

Chief Executive Officer

Our visionary CEO, is a stalwart in the travel loyalty and rewards program space.
Chief Operating Officer
John Meyer

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, John Meyer brings a wealth of operational expertise to NaviTrip.
Industry Veteran
Michelle Fee

Industry Veteran

Michelle Fee, travel industry veteran and founder and CEO of Cruise Planners.
Technology & Travel Expert
John Rowley

Technology & Travel Expert

John Rowley’s expertise lies at the intersection of technology and travel.
Industry Veteran
Marcia Rowley

Industry Veteran

Marcia Rowley brings a deep understanding of the travel sector to NaviTrip.

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Top 10 Features of the NaviTrip Platform

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface that streamlines the booking process and minimizes the learning curve for travel agents.

Comprehensive Booking Tools

Robust search and booking capabilities that cover a wide range of travel products, including flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and activities.

Global Inventory Sourcing

Access to a diverse and extensive global inventory of travel products to provide clients with a wide range of options.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting tools and analytics dashboards that provide insights into booking trends, customer behavior, and overall agency performance.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing algorithms that allow agents to offer competitive rates and maximize revenue.

Customization & Branding

The ability for agents to customize the platform with their branding, ensuring a consistent and professional image for the agency.

Security & Compliance

Stringent security measures to protect sensitive client information and compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Customer Support & Training

Access to responsive customer support and comprehensive training resources to assist agents in maximizing the platform's capabilities.

Let us help you navigate

Booking Tool Solutions

NaviTrip provides bespoke, customized booking tools to allow your agents to focus on servicing their clients – finding the products they need in a single, integrated tool, driving higher client satisfaction and empowering your agents to efficiently find the right offering and rate for their client.

NaviTrip’s booking tools  integrate with your existing systems, while retaining your branding standards.  We specialize in aggregation of rate types that are typically housed in separate and distinct tools, giving your agents a single, global view of inventory and rates.

NaviTrip is more than a tool, as we are a solution partner that is co-invested with our customers in increasing agent engagement and booking volume.

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